Have you come to turn the Tide?

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have seen it in the eyes of the enemy.  The arrogant elves hiding in the tree tops with their sweetly singing bows.  The reptilian gaze of the cowardly kobold-kin, yapping and jabbing with their spears.  I have seen it in the blood-misted visage of an Orc rager, in the the cruel alien slits of Fiends from the deepest of hells, even in the vacant soulless orbs of undead princes rousted untimely from their eternal rest.  It is the look of one who has seen the capricious winds of war change for the ill. Go hither then, war-loving fool! Only you can seek to master the terrible tempest of marching armies and pray to the Lords above that the Tide of Battle turns not upon you…

Tide of Battle is Fantasy miniature war-game that allows you to fight epic battles between vast magical armies on your kitchen table.  Inspired by the creatures and concepts of classic roleplaying fantasy, and in particular those of the D20 system that lie at the heart of contemporary fantasy imagery, Tide of Battle’s rules are so flexible and adaptable they can easily be used to represent any fantastic setting.

All that you need are some six-sided dice, heroic-scale miniatures (20-30mm for man-sized models) produced by ANY company that you like, and the rules and cards for the Units and Spells you plan to use in battle!  Tide of Battle’s wargame system is simple at its base, but offers many layers of optional complexity for those seeking deeper gameplay.

Example Unit Cards
  • Over 40 units already prepared and many, many more coming for a wargame that will
    eventually include over a dozen factions.  Each Unit comes with its own full-color Unit card that comprehensively describes the Units abilities, equipment, training, organization, and upgrades.  Unit cards can be printed out and written on for easy reference during play.
  • Over 200 spells adapted directly from classic D20 games and printed individually on their own cards.  Unleash Fireballs and Cloudkill spells on massed enemy ranks, animate Undead hosts, Resurrect the fallen, and Shape the Earth to summon new hills for your archers to defend.  Assemble entire ‘hands’ of spells using the Spellcards, but play them wisely…
  • Tactical gameplay that forces players to consider strategic timing, flanking enemy units, troop morale, the positioning of military leaders, and the adoption of specialized combat formations.
  • ‘Activation’ based play in which opposing players take turns moving one unit at time makes for tense gameplay as each side seeks to react to the enemy’s latest move, and no one is left waiting for a half-hour for their own turn to start.
  • The game is fully compatible and adaptable for use of all types of miniatures and all sorts of fantasy settings.  Factions Books offer armies covering a certain common fantasy theme (Undead, Wizarding Army, Demons, etc.) that can easily adapted and modded to fit any fantasy world.
  • Endless variant rules and special scenarios detailed to add more color and variety to the play experience.  Whether you want to add in night fighting, rules for hurrican-weather conditions, or launch an amphibious assault against a fortified beach, or even all 3 at once, the rules are there if you want them!

Tide of Battleis currently in development, but we already have two free fan-created Faction Books available for download in the Downloads section, as well as a Quickplay guide and a sample document with Spells and Heroic characters.  Those interested in having the full rules can also send me an email to receive a Beta-copy of the main rule-book (they are not yet publicly available as they are in process of being reviewed and improved.)

In time, we will offer a release copy of the Main Rule Book plus four Faction Books: Armies of the Commonwealth, Hordes of the Beastland Confederacy, Legions of the Dead, and Defenders of the Feywood.  Additional Faction Books (some of which are already in development) would follow.  We are still looking for artists and additional game designers and writers, and would be glad to have additional partners and play testers in this project.

Tide of Battle is currently a not-for-profit project that will be released online.  However, we are looking into options for acquiring a publisher and selling printed materials (rule books and game cards) for sale in the future.

Tide of Battle is Copyright Sebastien Roblin 2011.


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