Download Game Content

While Tide of Battle Rulebook is still in the editing and revision process, we can offer a number of downloads that will give you a pretty good idea of what the game and the rulebooks are like.

We have available for download two Free Faction Books representing armies in Wizards of the Coast’s Eberron Campaign Setting.  These are fan-made content and not intended for commercial purposes, so we are offering them freely so you can give the game a try and see what our Faction Book releases will consist of.

Army of Breland

A Fantasy Human Faction
The Bear Kingdom levies a diverse array of warriors from it citizens in the wars to expand to its frontiers, from conscripted swordsmen, woodland rangers, elite dragoons, sorcerous battle wands, warforged constructs, and even the elite Brelish Bear cavalry!  Brelish units are trained in combined arms and rely on firepower and flexible tactics to overcome their many monstrous foes.

Army of Breland Faction Book

Hordes of Droaam

An Army of Monsters both Giant and SmallSample Pages from the Droaam Faction Book
Gnolls and Orcs, Goblins and Kobolds, Giants and Ogres, Medusas and Werewolves!  All of them and more united to take the lands that are rightfully theirs.  A flexible army of monstrous mercenaries, both strong as a Minotaur’s bone-shattering blows or subtle as a Harpy’s siren-song, the Hordes of Droaam are poised to shatter the world  if none can stand up to their cunning and savagery.

Hordes of Droaam Faction Book

Tide of Battle Quickplay Guide

The 3-page Quickplay Guide and Cheatsheet outline the basics of how the game is played and offer a useful reminder of how the various rolls work and what the special abilities and equipment listed for units do. While we couldn’t capture every detail and rule, anyone reading the 2 page Quickplay Guide will understand the basics of the game, while reading the Cheatsheet will explain the benefits of all the weapons and special rules available to the units in the Faction Books.

Tide of Battle Quickplay Guide and Cheatsheet

Spells and Heroes

Finally, we offer below a sample of 4 Heroic Character cards and 40 Spell Cards (30 for Arcane magic and 10 for Divine) so that you can catch a glimpse of what we will be offering in the finished product with over 200 Spell Cards and many more Heroic Character types.  These of course would also be very useful in a test game.

Tide of Battle Sample Spells and Heroes

Together, the above materials are sufficient for playing a game, but the much more detailed and complete set of Main Rules are not available except for those interested in doing Beta test (click on the link if you are interested and would like a Beta-copy of the rules.)


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