Factions and Upcoming Content

Tides of Battle divides the various fighting forces of fantasy worlds into Factions.  Each faction is composed of over 20 units and Heroes that tend to operate together, ranging from infantry, cavalry, archers, monsters, and artillery.  Factions are detailed in separate Faction Books which explain the history, background, and organization of the various races in the Faction, as well as detailing their Heroes and Combat Units.  Each Faction also comes with its own unique magic items and spells, further distinguishing them from their foes.

Sample Factions

To expose players to what the Factions in Tides of Battle will be like, and the breadth and depth of the Faction Books, we’d like to offer to fan-made Faction Books that have been made based on the awesome ‘Eberron’ setting published by Wizards of the Coast.  These books are ‘fan-made content’ and are  available freely for your enjoyment.  They are not officially approved or canon, nor are they at intended for commercial use.

Screenshot of the Brelish Faction Book

Faction Books provide extensive details on the organization, background, and history of various units

Army of Breland

The Bear Kingdom levies a diverse array of warriors from it citizens in the wars to expand to its frontiers, from conscripted swordsmen, woodland rangers, elite dragoons, sorcerous battle wands, warforged constructs, and even the elite Brelish Bear cavalry!  Brelish units are trained in combined arms and rely on firepower and flexible tactics to overcome their many monstrous foes.
Hordes of Droaam
Screenshot of Droaam Faction Book

Each page brings more monsters and more magic including full-color stat cards.

Gnolls and Orcs, Goblins and Kobolds, Giants and Ogres, Medusas and Werewolves!  All of them and more united to take the lands that are rightfully theirs.  A flexible army of monstrous mercenaries, both strong as a Minotaur’s bone-shattering blows or subtle as a Harpy’s siren-song, the Hordes of Droaam are poised to shatter the world  if none can stand up to their cunning and savagery.

Core Factions

The initial release of Tides of Battle will include the following Factions:


The enlightened races of the world stand together in the Commonwealth, if nowhere else.  Ruled by humans, patrolled by elves, defended by Dwarves, spied for by halflings, and warded by gnomes, the races of the Commonwealth test the bonds of their Alliance constantly as dark enemies encroach.  Emphasizing combined arms between infantry, cavalry, scouts, and artillery, and offering the opportunity for mixed-race armies, the Commonwealth is a land any Wizard or Warrior, Priest or Paladin would be proud to defend.

The Beastlands Confederacy

Too long have Orc Hordes have broken against Dwarvish stone, Goblins been chased away by halfling slings, Gnolls repulsed by human swords, and Giants broken by Gnomish-made catapults.  The Savage Humanoid tribes of the Beastlands have united, pausing from their ceaseless internecine warfare, seeking to roll into the neighboring forests and kingdoms in a toothy fanged and scaly skinned Tide of Battle.

The Undead Host

The Necromancers of the Ancient Empire of Karos corrupted their souls in the search of immortality, and now their cursed remnants live on beyond life, resentment festering for their exile.  They have raised from the earth a vast army of  composed of mindless implacable multitudes of Zombies and Skeletons, sure in their obedience and unstoppable as automatons.  But even more fearful are those free-willed among the unliving, motivated by the same resentment that has consumed their masters- Death Knights lead ancient Wight nobles, Ghouls caper in the woods, bodiless Wraith drive men insane with terror, and elder Vampires weave intrigues every bit as dangerous as their bloodthirsty frenzy.

Defenders of the Fey Wood

In the great Fey Wood, the Wood Elves rule over men through the society of Druids and Rangers pledged to preserve the natural order and protect the forest from harm.  Yet even the Elves know they are but pawns in the game of the capricious Fey Courts that live in a Faerie-realm closely connected to the Fey Wood- Dryads and Nymphs, Satyrs and Centaurs, Treants and Dire Bears roam the woods, and Woodland Defenders must preserve the peace from within while protecting against covetous claws from without.

Planned Releases

The following Factions have had design work done for them:

Abberant Hordes

Angelic Crusade

Dark Elves of the Underworld

Fiendish Legions

Hobgoblin Dynasts

Mage Lords of Karos

Other supplements planned on the long term:

Adepts of the Jade Emperor

High Elves

Lizard Kings

Royal Dwarves

Terrors of the Sea


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