Tides of Battle is not a miniature line!  We’re not producing miniatures to go along with the game rules because there are over a half-dozen major miniature lines already out there producing beautiful sculpts that are completely appropriate for the game.  Tide of Battle is fully compatable with miniatures between 20-30mm in hieght for a man-sized model.  This means you can throw together any combination of miniatures you may have from previous games to field an army of your choosing.

If, on other hand, you’re looking for just the right sort of miniatures that fit the Tides of Battle army you want to field, we can offer a few suggestions where to take a first look:

Games Workshop:  By far the oldest and most famous wargaming miniature producer, Games Workshop produces some of the highest quality (though somewhat on the expensive side) miniatures themed across over a dozen armies.  Of note is that they tend to sell large units of 10-20 models in boxed sets, which is useful for a large-scale war game.

Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures:  Perfectly appropriate for an RPG-inspired war game, the Dungeons & Dragons miniature line produced between 2000 and 2010 a vast assortment of D&D-themed miniatures of all sizes and types.  Sadly, Wizards of the Coast halted production in 2010, but a great many of them remain available online, and they are perfect for representing some of the more unique creatures of the D&D universe.

Reaper Miniatures: Every model concept not covered by the first two companies has probably been realized by Reaper Miniatures, which has sculpted literally thousands of RPG-themed miniatures for every race, class, and weapon combination imaginable, as well as more than a few unique monsters.  The Dark Heaven and Warlord lines differ in scale, but both should work in Tides of Battle, and there are a number of intriguing subsidiary lines devoted to Pathfinder, Exalted, and even Cthulhu that are worth looking into.  Reaper miniatures are mostlysold individually, but they also offer a number of packs of 3-5 models available for filling out rank-and-file units.

Privateer Press- Warmachine and Hordes: Producer of two of the most succesful up-and coming miniature wargames, Privateer Press’s models display a definite steampunk aesthetic, and offer entire armies ranging in theme from druidic, elven, undead, imperial Russian, and even trolls!  Besides offering a great selection  large warbeasts and automated death machines, both games offer unit packs of 6-10 models that are useful for building up an army.

Confrontation: This slightly larger-scale line of miniatures boasted exceptional quality and a distinctive style; though the metal miniatures are no longer in production, they are still fairly commonly available on the secondary market, and were available to represent a diverse assortment of factions, including smaller unit packs of 2-3 models.

There are of course many other excellent miniature lines, some of which are significantly less expensive than the most well known companies (though usually with a more limited range of models.)


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