Seeking Testers, Artists, Designers

While the main concept work is complete, much works remains before the final release of Tides of Battle and the accompanying Faction Books.  We are interested in working with players and partners in the following capacities:

Playtesters/Beta Testers

Interested in giving the game a spin before we’re ready for the final release?  Send me an email indicating your interest in being a playtester, and I can send you all of the extent material that has been developed, including the Main Rulebook draft with all of the extent spells, Heroic Characters, Magic Items, and so forth.  All that we ask is that you not let us know how the playtesting goes or what ways (small or large) you believe the game could be improved.


Tides of Battle has a real need for artists to bring to life its particular vision of epic fantasy warfare.  Anyone interested and inspired who would like to collaborate with the Tides of Battle team in designing the artwork would be greatly appreciated and receive appropriate credit as a contributor or partner of the game.  This may also include photography of miniatures in thematically appropriate battle scenes (though we are designing for many armies, we don’t necessarily have the hundreds of miniatures necessary to to represent with visual accuracy all of the possible units!)

Game Designers and Writers

We are in need of talented writers and game designers who love fantasy war games and are interested in contributing their talents as game designers, writers, graphic designers, or editors.  From unit designers, spell-scribers, to background writers, we would love to add more creative minds to the development process to both increase our output and the diversity of our ideas.

In all cases, feel free to contact me at if you are interested in play-testing for, contributing to, or collaborating with the Tide of Battle team.  We’re eager to release more products and involve more creative individuals in the process!


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