Why play Tide of Battle?

 What is Tide of Battle?

Ever wanted to fight fantasy battles ranging from the clash of small companies to the collision of vast armies?  Yearned to unleash your RPG characters on the battlefield, but lacked a rule system which could easily accommodate them in both scale and detail?  Searched for a game flexible enough to represent your favorite fantasy setting?

Tide of Battle provides a rules-set for a tactical war game played between fantasy-themed factions with their own distinct unit types and special abilities.  The battles are fought on a space on the table averaging 4 feet by 5 feet, with armies ranging in size from 30-40 miniatures on each side for smalls games all the way up to 100 to 200 for large ones.  Each army has a diverse selection of dozens of units which come with their own card defining their abilities and how they cn be customized in organization and equipment, ranging from the human crossbowmen and Halfling Wardog riders of the Commonwealth to the Skeletal Legionaires and Banshee Soulshriekers of the Undead Legions.   These can be represented with any miniature of between 20-30mm scale.  You provide the miniatures, we provide the war!

Players can reinforce the rank and file with courageous heroes and powerful wizards out of legend that can lay waste to the field with over 200 distinct types of spells, each with its own card that can be assembled into a deck.  The rules are fundamentally simple at their base, but offer a lot of special abilities and tactical options for players that want a deeper game.


A Game of Tactical Command and Strategic Timing

Reserves spring into action to protect the flank of a Harpy Queen and her albino goblin minions.

Savvy warlords can order their troops to assume special formations as the tactical situation developes, but must contend with risk inherent in switching formation in the middle of battle.  Perhaps they can dispatch heroes to command critical units and increase the chance they will follow orders, but that must be balanced against using those heroes more aggressively to take the fight to the enemy.  Players must be mindful of the order in which they dispatch their commands; is better to seize the initiative by striking first, or avoid exposing your troops until the enemies forces are committed?  Maneuvering units to attack enemy flanks plays a critical role in determining the outcome of Engagements, while recognizing which units or spells are effective counters to the enemy is vital to your army’s survival.

Different Styles of Play, Different Paths to Victory

Fantasy game systems have tended to swing between treating every element like dispersed infantry squads on a modern battlefield or all units like the ranked phalanxes of antiquity; Tide of Battle lets you use both! Large ranked units have greater staying power in numbers and armor but are unwieldy and vulnerable to fireballs and artillery, while skirmish units move swiftly across the board and hit hard but have trouble surviving in a standup fight.  Players are free to emphasize one type or the other, or use a balanced army composed of both.

Unleash untold sorcery with your choice of over 200 spells!

Tides of Battle draws on the deep heritage of fantasy literature and classic Role Playing Games to offer an unmatched array of over 200 spells which may be cast in game with more to come!  Each spell comes with its own card detailing its effect, ranging from flinging the typical Fireball or cloud of poisonous death, to summoning angels, resurrecting the dead, causing the clouds to rain acid and spit lightning, or even reversing time to refight an unfortunate combat.  All that stands between you are your own Dispel spells, but each one you take is one less you can fling at the enemy…

Unit Customization
Players can run the units without much fuss or choose from a wide range of options for how their

Unit Cards detail a wide variety of options for equipping and organizing each unit

units are trained, armed, and armored, and how many models and upgrades to include in each unit.

Available options vary extensively from unit to unit, from attaching Shamans to accompany your Gnolls and heal them to equipping Ranger-Captains with magical flaming arrows, but the default equipment and option types will always be viable choices for those who want to dive straight in with out too much fuss!

Optional Complexity

The rules system offers optional rules for night fighting, exotic terrain, weather conditions, hidden
deployment, lines of communication, and larger or smaller scale battles that are relatively rare in mainstream fantasy war games.  These additional rules are completely modular, and players are free to include none, some, or all of them in their battles as they see fit.

Flexible, Adaptable, Awesome

Tide of Battle offers a wide range of options in Units, Heroes, Spells, and even types of magic.  Although we will be releasing units and factions in books according to common themes, the units, spells, and magic items detailed can be used as a toolkit for players to create their own unique scenarios and war games to fit any setting.

Heroic characters can wield their special powers and realize their destiny on the field of battle.

In addition to being a stand-alone war game, the rules are designed to easily allow the representation of large-scale combats from roleplaying games, when the small-scale of a typical RPG rules may be judged inappropriate for the size of the battle.  This includes guidelines and suggestions for representing or converting various hero types, magic items, spells, and monstrous foes, and advice on how to represent and adapt various situational elements, terrain, and victory conditions.


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